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At URL Toy Software, we are committed to bringing you information concerning these products that was a rave at some point in time. Some of them still remain viable and we are committed to bringing you the details of how these softwares can solve some of the computing problems that still exists to this day.

We are ever ready to help our users who are experiencing one problem or another with one of our products. There are different ways you can contact us. We are also open to contributions and meaningful tips to help the users of URL Toy Software products.


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PO Box 97845 Baker st. 567, Los Angeles, California, US.



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For general inquiries about our software and where we are heading to you can find this link


When you contact us, be sure to follow a few rules to make your query more specific as well as help us to better help you:

  • Provide us with the software title and version.
  • Give us the details of the version of Windows you are using as well as the configuration.
  • Tell us the version of your browser as well as details of all the installed plugins.
  • Provide us with a detailed description of the bug. Use as many points as possible to pass your message.
  • Tell us the sequence of actions that resulted in the bug and the consistency of the bug.

It is our desire that the software should meet your yearnings and we achieve this if we hear from you.
The latest versions of all our softwares are still available on third party websites for download. The prices have remained relatively stable. The newer versions also have more bug fixes and compatibility.

One of our primary goals is to provide as much articles as possible to assist those who are still using our articles.